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Diversity in COVID-19 Vaccine Studies -English (828.96 KB)

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the COVID-19 Vaccine (200.66 KB)

Adolescents and the COVID-19 Vaccine (252.33 KB)

Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5-11 (256.59 KB)

Quarantine and Isolation

Understanding Quarantine and Isolation (Handout) (223.26 KB)

Face coverings

Mask Posters

These can be printed using 8.5 x 11 or 11x17 size paper. 

Masks Required Poster (Multi-lingual) (52.76 KB)

Masks Strongly Encouraged (295.34 KB)

All Are Welcome (Multi-lingual) (186.5 KB)

How to use a cloth face covering

English | Spanish

How to use a paper mask

English | Chinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional | RussianSomali | Spanish | Vietnamese 

Hand Sanitizer

How to use hand sanitizer

EnglishChinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional| Russian | Somali | Spanish |  Vietnamese

Community Posters and Flyers

Do Your Part

English (176.47 KB) Spanish (159.36 KB)

Underlying Conditions Handout

English (514.25 KB) | Spanish (890.92 KB)

COVID Long-Haulers

Long COVID and COVID Long-Haulers (209.41 KB)

10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home

EnglishChinese Simplified Russian | Somali | Spanish |  Vietnamese

Social Distancing Households

English (53.51 KB)|   Spanish (68.88 KB)

Testing & Health Care

Updated 4/18/2022

COVID-19 AT HOME TESTS | What to do if your test result is positive or negative (209.84 KB)

How to get health care at a Multnomah County Health Clinic

How to Get Health Care at a Multnomah County Clinic - English (624.38 KB)

iHealth - Simple At Home Test Instructions

iHealth - Simple At Home Test Instructions (712.87 KB)updated 5/4/2022

Amharic | Arabic | Burmese | Chinese-Simplified |Chinese-Traditional | Chuukese | Spanish | Farsi | French| Haitian Creole | Marshallese | Swahili | Korean| Loatian | Nepali | Pashto | Pohnpeian | Portuguese | Rohingya | Russian | Somali | Tigrinya | Ukrainian |Vietnamese

What to expect from your COVID-19 Test at Multnomah County


ASL Communication Cards

Visual Communication Tool (PDF)

I am Deaf or Hard of Hearing (PDF)

I am Unable to Speak but I Can Understand You (PDF)