Updated May 19, 2021

When should you get your second dose? 

Two of the COVID-19 vaccines, from Moderna and Pfizer, are designed to be most effective after two doses. Most people are scheduled for their second dose by clinic staff on the day they get their first shot. Get the same brand for your second dose as you did for your first. 

  • Pfizer: get your second dose no earlier than 21 days (three weeks) after your first dose
  • Moderna: get your second dose no earlier than 28 days (four weeks) after your first dose

It is best if you can get your 2nd dose as close to the recommended time as possible. However, there is no specific outer time limit on getting your second dose. You don’t need to start over if you miss the recommended time. Just get it as soon as you can.

COVID-19 vaccine can not be administered to you if you have received any other vaccine within 14 days of your COVID-19 vaccination appointment. 

Where to get your second dose

Try to get a second dose appointment at the same place that you got your first dose. If you can’t get a vaccine at the same location (for example, if you moved here from another state, you couldn’t make it to your scheduled 2nd dose appointment, or any other reason), here are some options.

Second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines

  • Schedule an appointment at OHSU (no drop-ins). Call 833-647-8222, weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to schedule.
  • (Pfizer only) Make an appointment or drop in at the Oregon Convention Center. More information including hours of operation: https://all4oregon.org/ 
  • Some pharmacies and drugstores are offering 2nd-dose only appointments. Check the state website to find pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccination.
  • If you are a current Multnomah County patient, call 503.988.5558 or complete the vaccine scheduling form
  • Call 211 for assistance if needed. They can help you find a second dose.

Second dose of other COVID-19 vaccines

If you received a first dose vaccine in a different country that is not currently authorized in the U.S., call 211 for assistance. They will help you understand your options for a second dose. It is important that you know the date and the type of vaccine you received. 

Vaccine cards

When you get your vaccine you will be given a card with the date and type of the vaccine you received. Bring your vaccination card to your second dose appointment so we can complete it for you. You can still get your second dose if you do not have a vaccine card. 

If you no longer have your vaccination card we can look you up in the statewide immunization registry, ALERT.