In addition to honoring the community members who volunteer in our county departments, Multnomah County would also like to recognize the volunteers who worked alongside staff in our Emergency Operations Center and temporary shelters during our COVID-19 and emergency response efforts.

Ardyce Alberts

Kelsey Bowen

Tu-Nhi Bui

Julia Butterfield

Marie Cardenas

Sheila Conners

Wendy Donnan

Michael Elston

Theresa Engel

Brandon Falls

Geoffrey Gailey

Abby Grabowski

Tate Hayes

JJ Heldmann

Emma Kingsberg

Xavier Le Hericy

Subhkarman Multani

Tracey Murphy

Lilian Nguyen

Virginia O'Herin

Darren O’Donnell

Frederick Pan

Dan Pearson

Julie Poust

Charise Prouty

Charity Rowland

Melelani Sax-Barnett

Marcia Schneider

David Shaw

Alyssa Shi

Ellen Stern

Melissa Stewart

Susan Suffion

Martin White