October 6, 2020

The Multnomah County Auditor is seeking five community members to serve on a new Community Advisory Committee. The Community Advisory Committee provides guidance directly to the County Auditor; it is not a decision-making body. Community Advisory Committee members are considered to be public officials. (Training on being a public official will be included as part of the on-boarding process of new committee members.)

How the Auditor will select Community Advisory Committee members:

The Auditor's Office will work with the Office of Community Involvement to recruit members via a variety of media (for example, social media, Mac’s List, community organizations). Staff members in the Auditor’s Office will interview candidates, and the Auditor will interview finalists.

The Auditor’s Community Advisory Committee is a purely advisory body that will be responsible for:

  • Learning about the County Auditor’s roles, as established in County Charter, including learning about the opportunities and challenges the Auditor faces in fulfilling these roles; 
  • Providing suggestions and comments on the annual audit plan prior to the Auditor finalizing the audit plan;
  • Providing suggestions and guidance for the community engagement aspects of performance audits;
  • Providing suggestions and guidance to the Auditor on the office’s work to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts into audits.


  • Members of the Auditor’s Community Advisory Committee must reside in Multnomah County.
  • Knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices is desired.
  • Knowledge of community engagement best practices is desired.
  • Knowledge of government performance auditing is desired, but not required.
  • Multnomah County employees or employees of any organization providing or bidding upon audit contract services are not eligible for membership on the Committee.

Membership terms:

Membership terms will be aligned with the remainder of the Auditor’s term; terms will begin in January 2021 and end in December 2022.


The Auditor’s Advisory Committee will meet quarterly. Each meeting will take no more than two hours. Meetings will take place virtually until such time as in-person meetings can safely take place.

To support participation of committee members, each committee member will receive an annual stipend of $100 (roughly $25/meeting) provided via gift card. When in-person meetings are possible, light refreshments will be provided to committee members, and children will be welcome to attend. In addition, the Auditor will provide reimbursement for parking or TriMet passes to support community member participation on the committee.

Deadline to apply:

All applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

Apply to serve on the Auditor's Advisory Committee