January 30, 2015

Kathleen Todd poses with the county commissioners
Kathleen Todd poses with the county commissioners
Kathleen celebrates with Commissioners Smith and McKeel.
Testimony by phone
Sammuel Konadu phones his presentation in.
The Board of Commissioners proclaimed January 29, 2015, as Kathleen Todd Day for her work advancing public engagement in county decision-making over the past 19 years. She began working in the Office of Citizen Involvement (OCI) in 1996 and became its Executive Director in 2003. Kathleen led the office as the Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) conducted annual programs such as the Citizen Budget Advisory Committees, Volunteer Awards Ceremony, and public budget forums. Additionally, under her watch the CIC initiated the Department Review program, Diversity Outreach Workshops, and the annual Education & Recruitment Campaign. All three initiatives were recognized by awards from the National Association of Counties. Kathleen is also a founding member of the county's Vital Aging Network (VAN) Employee Resource Group. In 2009, Kathleen was awarded the "Sy Award" by the CIC in recognition of her tireless work facilitating citizen and neighborhood involvement for more than 30 years at the city, county, and neighborhood levels. 
Bob Pung presents
Longtime volunteer Bob Pung reminisces

During the proclamation ceremony, county colleagues and advisory committee members spoke of what a great friend, listener, and adviser she has been, and also acknowledged her enthusiasm and commitment to public engagement. Knitting will be one part of Kathleen's "encore" career, along with continuing to help lead the county's Vital Aging Network Employee Resource Group.

Some quotes from the Proclamation ceremony:

  • "You'll go down in the County annals forever!"
  • "Your talents and friendship will be greatly missed by all."
  • "Over the years we have had fun sharing the tales of the crypt involving our working lives and experiences."
  • "[S]he worked with Board members, staff, and citizen volunteers, through good times and bad times, for better, usually better, and worse (& at times the County has had those too), and it has been a unique marriage of individual and citizens and elected officials and staff and institutions – we owe her a great debt of gratitude and wish her well!"

In closing, Kathleen remarked, "I attribute what success I have achieved to the support I have had from all the staff and volunteers here at Multnomah County. We love the creative ideas. We love the technical solutions. We really love helping to put the ideas and solutions all together to achieve the goals. In parting: Hooray for the idea people. Hooray for the technical people. And Hip-Hip- Hooray for the support people. Love you all!!"