May 1, 2015

CBAC Report coverAfter receiving extensive information about county programs and much thoughtful deliberation, 10 Citizen Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs) have released their recommendations (below) for the 2015-16 budget. Approximately 70 members of the public served on the CBACs which independently review and make dozens of recommendations concerning county departmental budgets. They present their recommendations both in writing and direct testimony to the board of county commissioners. One CBAC is assigned to each major department or office. 

This year's recommendations focused heavily on continued support for coordinated county mental health services as central to reducing homelessness, recidivism, incarceration, and equitable access to services. They also include several projects that increase outreach and services to communities that represent the growing diverse populations within Multnomah County, as well many that address "backfill" infrastructure issues that have gone unattended through more than a decade of budget cuts.

Read the CBAC recommendations that your fellow community members made for each department and office:

Learn more about the CBAC program and how you can participate.