September 27, 2021

The Office of Community Involvement, in partnership with the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council, is hiring a program coordinator to support our new Justice Fellowship program.

As program coordinator, you will lead the design and implementation of a pilot fellowship program in collaboration with a community based agency and public safety leaders. You will support, educate and prepare a cohort of fellows impacted by public safety systems to sit side-by-side with public safety leaders and co-create strategies and policies to decrease racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system. You will also provide project management support for Transforming Justice, a project to advance a new vision of public safety informed by both the community and criminal legal system stakeholders. Throughout all of your work, you will work to elevate a diverse range of community voices into county decision making, promote opportunities for community engagement, and support the removal of barriers.

This is a full-time limited duration position grant funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Safety & Justice Challenge through December 2022, with potential for an additional two year extension.

Applications are due Wednesday, October 13th by 11:59pm.

Learn more and apply to join our team!