Animal Services

Protects animals from abuse

HB 2783 limits the amount of time that dogs can be tethered and requires dogs to have appropriate shelter.

Employee Benefits

Allows local governments access to state government health benefit plans

HB 2279 allows local governments to participate in benefit plans administered by the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) and the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB).


Creates a minority language task force

HB 3506 begins the process of making election materials available to voters who need information in languages other than English.

Human Trafficking

Enables prosecution for attempting to compel prostitution

HB 2334 expands the statutory definition of compelling prostitution to include attempting to compel prostitution.

Land Use

Transfers Area 93 to Washington County

HB 3067 represents a successful negotiation among Multnomah County, Washington County and Metro to resolve a persistent problem for a small group of residents at the eastern edge of the Bonny Slope community.  Comprehensive plan changes over the years have included this land in the urban growth boundary but then isolated it from the rest of urbanized Multnomah County through the creation of a rural reserve area in 2012.  The legislation allows the shift of the territory into Washington County, uniting Bonny Slope and providing improved options for services.

Property Taxes

Continues tax cancellation for low-value manufactured structures

HB 2676 saves Multnomah County money and prevents evictions of low-income people by allowing tax collectors to write-off accounts where collection costs would exceed receipts.