Multnomah County Seal


Build the Courthouse

Continue the State/County partnership to complete the new Multnomah County Courthouse and secure $92.6 million in bond funding for construction costs.

Take Action on Housing

Restrict no-cause evictions and lift the preemption on local government regulation of rent increases.  Increase state funding for construction of new affordable housing and for sheltering people experiencing homelessness.

Fund Behavioral Health

Improve the availability and accessibility of mental health and addiction treatment services.

Other important issues

  • Reduce opiate addiction by limiting access and improving treatment options.

  • Expand regulation of tobacco sales to curb youth smoking.

  • Control toxic pollutants in air and drinking water.

  • Prevent gun violence by keeping firearms away from children and dangerous individuals.

  • Expand health care access.  Cover all kids.

  • Protect vulnerable Oregonians from cuts to vital social services.

  • Fight poverty with jobs, training and family support services.

  • Shift public safety funds from expensive incarceration to effective supervision.

  • Slow climate change by cutting carbon emissions.

  • Seek funding for Burnside Bridge seismic safety improvements.

  • Support families through improved parental leave and work schedule rules.