During the early years of implementation, Preschool for All will provide opportunities for interested providers to get involved in two ways:

Pathways Program  or  Pilot Sites

Please watch the video below for information about the differences between the two programs or visit the Provider Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. 

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Pathways Program 

Providers have the opportunity to partner with Preschool for All to support quality improvement and professional growth.

Pathways Program Overview- English
Pathways Program Overview- Spanish
Pathways Program Overview- Traditional Chinese
Pathways Program Overview- Russian
Pathways Program Overview- Vietnamese

Eligibility & Timeline

All preschool providers in Multnomah County are eligible to apply for the Pathways Program, regardless of licensing status, education level, or setting type. There is no deadline for applications to be submitted, providers can apply at any time. Learn more and apply on the Pathways Program page!

Pilot Sites

Pilot Sites have contracted Preschool for All slots. Providers must meet the Pilot Site requirements or have a clear plan to meet the requirements to apply. Pilot Sites will help Preschool For All learn and finalize program details. Pilot sites should be ready to be flexible and to share their input to strengthen Preschool for All. Interested providers will be able to apply in August 2022 for slots that begin in September 2023. 

Pilot Site Requirements- English 
Pilot Site Requirements- Spanish  
Pilot Site Requirements- Russian 
Pilot Site Requirements- Vietnamese
Pilot Site Requirements- Traditional Chinese  

Learn more on the Pilot Site page!