January 31, 2024

Are you ready to explore a fulfilling and rewarding career in the dental field? If the idea of becoming a Dental Assistant has ever crossed your mind, now is the perfect time to consider this exciting career path. No prior dental experience is needed!

Dental Assistants play a crucial role in patient care by maintaining records, preparing patients for exams, and educating them on oral health. Expanded Function Dental Assistants can perform procedures such as place fillings, perform polishing, apply fluoride treatment, and place tooth sealants, in addition to the other job duties of a dental assistant.

This career also opens doors to more advanced job opportunities, including roles as program supervisors, educators, dental hygienists, and even dentists. The demand for dental assistants is on the rise both in Oregon and nationally, making this a great moment to either kickstart your career or venture into a new and promising path. 

Multnomah County Health Department’s Community Health Center is delighted to announce an exceptional opportunity: we are offering five spots in the Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) Training Program, a comprehensive 12- month training and certification program. If you are accepted into the program, all associated costs and fees are covered by Multnomah County!

As part of the program, you will work as a Dental Trainee at one of our dental clinics while completing coursework. The Health Center will cover all costs, including tuition, books, exam fees, scrubs, and more. We are committed to facilitating your success by providing the necessary support, clinical experience, and guidance throughout the program.

Multnomah County will provide the following support for up to five selected applicants:

  • We will cover tuition and other associated costs and fees such as books, exam fees, scrubs, etc (approximately $5,000)
  • We will offer you on-the-job training opportunities as a Dental Trainee during the program
  • You will be paid full-time wages as a Dental Trainee
  • After passing the certification exam, you will be certified as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA)

Requirements for person applying

  • No previous dental assisting history or formal training is allowed 
  • Must apply for the program in Workday for a Limited Duration - Dental Assistant position and have your application accepted. Click here to apply
  • The application must include a cover letter explaining how your interest, skills, and strengths make you qualified for this program. Please explain how you meet the program requirements and how you will meet the program expectations.
  • Commitment to actively participate and successfully complete the program, with a commitment to work as a Expanded Function Dental Assistant at a Multnomah County Dental Clinic for two years following the completion of the training program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please review the following requirements and submit your application and all completed materials in Workday by February 22, 2024. 

What are the application requirements?

  • Completed application in Workday
  • Copy of High School diploma or GED certificate (college or university degree can substitute)
  • Essay explaining your interest, your skills, and strengths as they apply to the dental assistant program. In addition, provide your understanding of how the program works, including the requirements and expectations.

What is the evaluation process for applicants?

  • Applicants must meet all eligibility qualifications and application requirements
  • Applicants who are accepted into the program must attend an interview with dental selection team and Health Human Resources 
  • Interviews will be evaluated using a rubric to ensure all candidates are assessed fairly

What are the expectations for candidates who enroll in the program?

  • If within 12 months of successfully completing the program and passing the EFDA certification exams, you are offered an EFDA position at any Multnomah County Dental Clinic, you will be expected to accept the position and remain employed with Multnomah County as an EFDA for a minimum of 24 months.
  • If you reject the offer, or if you accept the offer but leave the EFDA position with the Multnomah County Dental Clinic before completion of the twenty-four month period, you will reimburse Multnomah County a prorated share of the educational expenses paid on your behalf. The prorated amount will be based on the total amount of educational expenses provided divided by the percentage of time left, in months, from the 24-months that you did not work for Multnomah County as an EFDA.  For example, if you receive an approximate value of $5,000 and work only twelve months as a EFDA after completion of the program, you will refund 50% of the $5,000 or $2,500 (12 months not worked divided by 24 months equals 50%). 
  • If within 12 months of successful completion from the program, you are not offered an EFDA position at any Multnomah County Dental Clinics you will continue to be employed in your previous position before entering this program without any obligation to pay back the entire cost.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes, you will need to sign this EFDA contract after accepting a position with Multnomah County upon completion of the training program.

What if I have more questions?

Candidates who are invited to interview will be able to ask additional questions during the interview.