March 10, 2021

person receiving covid vaccine

Multnomah County Health Centers is now scheduling patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at our clinics and community locations. If you are a current patient, keep reading to learn more about how to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Who can receive the vaccine?

We are vaccinating patients who are established with Multnomah County Health Center. We are also accepting drop-in appointments for any community members at some clinics.

I am a current patient. How can I schedule an appointment?

We are calling patients directly to schedule appointments. If you have not heard from us, here are other ways to schedule an appointment:

  • Complete the Vaccine Scheduling Interest Form with your daytime contact phone number and one of our staff will call you to schedule.

  • If you are visiting our clinic for a routine health care appointment or to pick up medication, ask your provider, pharmacist, or the front desk about scheduling a vaccine appointment. 

I know someone who is eligible and needs assistance scheduling. Can I schedule an appointment for them?

If you are the family member or caregiver of an eligible patient who needs assistance with scheduling, please fill out the Vaccine Scheduling Interest Form with your contact information. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for the patient.

I’m not a current patient. Can I still get the vaccine at a Multnomah County Health Center?

Click here to see our upcoming clinics with space for drop-in vaccines - no appointment necessary. 

What are my other options for getting the vaccine?

Find out if you are eligible and learn about your options for scheduling an appointment at other locations in Multnomah County such as the Oregon Convention Center, Portland Airport, and at local pharmacies. Learn about other options.