Obtaining a public record from Multnomah County

Under Oregon’s Public Records law (ORS 192), individuals,organizations, agencies, and businesses may request that Multnomah County provide copies or access to written documents and materials. The request must:

  • Be in writing.
  • Include contact information.
  • Clearly state what records are sought.

Please be advised there may be a fee to cover staff time researching and retrieving the documents. You will be notified of any estimated fee and cost in advance. Payment is required before the County will produce the records. The fee may be reduced or waived if it is determined it is in the interest of the public.

To email your request

Email your request to the department representative listed below.

All Media Requests: Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us

Multnomah County Chair and Board of County Commissioners
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us

Department of Community Justice
Tami Wallis, tami.wallis@multco.us

Department of Community Services

Animal Services
Nicole Hagen, ac.publicrecordsrequest@multco.us

Eric Sample, elections@multco.us, 503-988-6850

Land Use Planning
Trey Mueller, land.use.planning@multco.us, 503-988-3043

Trey Mueller, dcs.records@multco.us, 503-988-5050

Special Districts:

Dunthorpe-Riverdale Sanitary Sewer District
Trey Mueller, dcs.records@multco.us, 503-988-5050

Mid-County Lighting District
Trey Mueller, dcs.records@multco.us, 503-988-5050

Department of County Assets
Mary-Margaret Wheeler-Weber, mmww@multco.us, 503-240-3344

Department of County Management

Assessment, Recording & Taxation
Larry Steele, larry.a.steele@multco.us, 971-409-3800

Human Resources, Budget Office, Finance, Payroll
Kelli Gallippi, kelli.a.gallippi@multco.us, 503-988-7607

Brian Smith, brian.r.smith@multco.us, 503-988-7910
Emilie Schulhoff, emilie.g.schulhoff@multco.us, 503-988-7539

Government Relations
Jeston Black, jeston.black@multco.us, 503-988-6052

Department of County Human Services
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us, 503-502-2741

Medical Examiner's Office
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us, 503-502-2741

Health Department
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us, 503-502-2741

Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC)
Jessica Morkert-Shibley, jessica.morkert-shibley@multco.us

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
Chris Liedle chris.liedle@mcso.us ​​​​​​ 

Shawn Cunningham, shawnc@multcolib.org, 503-988-3097

For requests from vendors related to the 2020 Library Capital bond:
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us

District Attorney
Jeffrey Lowe, (jeffrey.lowe@mcda.us) or
Fax 503-988-3643
Mail: 1200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 5200
Portland, Oregon 97204

For more on the DA: http://mcda.us/index.php/about-the-da/public-records-request/

Mike Pullen, mike.j.pullen@multco.us, 503-209-4111

Emergency Management
Chris Voss, chris.voss@multco.us, 503-988-4649

Office of Diversity and Equity, Office of Sustainability
Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, julie.sullivan-springhetti@multco.us

Joint Office of Homeless Services
Denis Theriault, denis.theriault@multco.us

To mail your request:

Public Record Request Multnomah County 501 SE Hawthorne, Suite 500 Portland, OR 97214

Before you put together your request

Locating Records

  • Confirm that the records you want are located at Multnomah County
  • Check to see if the records are available online

Retention Schedules

  • Find out the typical records a county program has, and how long those records are maintained.
  • This will help you target your requests, and know what is available to be requested.

Looking to report suspected fraud, abuse of position, or misuse of county resources? Submit a report to the County Auditor's Good Government Hotline.