Adult Day Services are intended to assist clients in remaining as independent as possible; to delay or prevent out-of-home placement; to support client self-determination; and to provide respite for family caregivers of Adult Day Service participants. The target population that will be served are (1) ADSD clients living at home who are aged 60 and over and eligible for Oregon Project Independence (OPI) services; (2) ADSD clients aged 55 and over who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or a related dementia and are eligible for OPI services; and (3) Family caregivers of Adult Day Service participants.  This procurement used an informal Contractor Selection Statement.

The County has an interest in measures used by its suppliers to ensure sustainable operations with minimal adverse impact on the environment. Please describe your agency’s commitment to sustainable business practices, which might include, but are not limited to, a formal sustainability program or policy; alternative fuel vehicles; recycling measures; energy conservation plans; water conservation policies; computers shutdown practices; or a green cleaning policy.

  • We decided to use a broad question for this informal procurement, but provide some prompts as to the types of practices we would expect, or desire to see our vendors integrating into their business practices.  
  • This procurement could have focused on the impacts on the clients' health such as indoor air quality.  The population being served may be more susceptible to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory impacts associated with cleaning products.  The County could have evaluated the vendors' on their green cleaning policies and practices.