October 2013

View full RFP Ballot Mailing Services & Envelope Storage- Re-Issue

The Multnomah County Department of Community Services, Elections Division, is seeking Proposers from whom it may purchase storage and professional preparation of election related mailings.

Major Service components include: 

1. Providing superior customer service and rapid, timely response to
information and/or service. This is a critical element of this service.
2. Printing USPS readable addresses a
3. Accurately inserting ballot packets.
4. Staging and sorting pallets of elections material by Zip Code.
5. Coordinating delivery of ballot packets with the United States Postal Services (USPS) and storage of mail ballot supplies (30-40 pallets) between elections. 

Sustainability Questions Used (additional sustainability reference on page 7, 14)

Innovation and Technology (20 Points Available)
Describe any innovative approaches, analytical methods, sustainable design, methodologies, and material selection, or other solutions used to maximize accuracy and accountability and increase efficiency. Include any programs currently used by your firm and provide future plans.

Sustainability (10 Points Available)
1. Provide details of your organization’s vehicle maintenance program, including any environmentally preferable best practices.

2. Please provide details on what waste products are associated with the service you provide, and how you dispose of it.

3. How do you maximize energy efficiency and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions through the services that you provide?