We want to share with you a few of our certified business success stories because at Multnomah County, social equity is deeply imbedded into our values, policies, contracting efforts, sponsorships, and regional partnerships. Small businesses accounts for 95 percent of all businesses within the County, they are vital to our economic and community development efforts. 

Andre Baugh, owner of Group AGB, who specializes in MWESB management and coordination for large construction
Andre Baugh, owner of AGB group.
Group AGB owner, Andre Baugh, began his efforts in Portland by working for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation as a Project Manager for six years.  In 2000, Andre’ founded Group AGB, Ltd., a diversity management consulting firm, which helps government agencies and businesses with diversity initiatives, policy development and implementation, workforce, monitoring, compliance, and business development / assistance. Group AGB, Ltd. specializes in providing diversity and equity products and services designed to help government agencies and corporations embed an inclusive program of Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB) firms, and a diverse workforce.

 Group AGB provides MWESB management and coordination for large construction and design projects, including as a sub consultant on the Sellwood Bridge project.  At Group AGB, Ltd., André Baugh has worked with Multnomah County on various projects over the past five years. Beginning in August 2009, Group AGB has provided Workforce Training and Hiring compliance to capital projects.  This work involves monitoring and reporting the progress of the Counties’ construction projects to ensure contractors meet the Counties’ workforce requirements for apprenticeship and goals for a diverse workforce.  Andre’ takes pride in the role he plays helping to secure a more prosperous economic future for historically underserved individuals and companies.

Eric Uffer owns Pest Solutions, LLC.
Eric Ufer founded Pest Solutions after having a firsthand experience with the cost, disruption and frustration home owners are faced with pests. Forced to confront pest issues in his rental properties, Eric sought to develop solutions that were both cost effective and less harmful to the environment. Eric’s journey of discovery led him to create Pest Solutions, LLC which has grown steadily since their 2010 founding, being recognized as a Rising Star by the Small Business Administration in 2014 and most recently awarded a contract with Multnomah County to provide after hours animal control services.

“This contract has brought a great deal of pride to our team along with a durable revenue stream. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to compete for this contract. We are excited that we won and that we have already forged what we believe is a great relationship with Multnomah County that will hopefully present additional opportunities.” – Eric Ufer, Owner, Pest Solutions, LLC.

Steven Havelka, PDXProcurementSearch
Steven Havelka owns PDXProcurement Search.

Steve Havelka developed PDX ProcurementSearch.com in 2015 after watching friends and family struggle with finding information about government contracting processes and locating opportunities. Businesses had so many different websites to visit, with so many solicitation documents to read through, that people were overwhelmed, frustrated, and missing out on possible opportunities that could help their businesses to grow and thrive. With a background in data processing and web development, Steve realized that this disconnect between public agencies and businesses was a problem he could address. To that end, PDXProcurementSearch.com launched in the summer of 2015 with a goal of helping smaller businesses, especially those in the MWESB community, to more easily access opportunities from various public agencies in one location. Since its launch, PDX ProcurementSearch.com has grown to include every major public agency in the Portland metropolitan area and several state agencies. Steve and his team have now begun expanding and adding agencies in the state of Washington.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities our work with Multnomah County has brought us. The procurement team at the County has done so much for the MWESB business community in Portland and the surrounding area. I’m proud to be a part of that effort. I’d like to thank Lee Fleming and everyone at the County for believing in me right from the start.” – Steve Havelka

Colas Construction 100 percent minority and family-owned business
Colas Construction 100 percent minority and family-owned business
​Colas Construction has a strong reputation of excellence in the construction industry and is also one of the few 100 percent minority-owned General Contractors in the state of Oregon. It is a family-owned business that was founded in 1997, by Hermann Colas, Jr. Hermann Colas, Jr., has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. He developed and self-financed all of Colas’ initial projects which were catalysts to the public recognizing his skills in delivering top quality construction projects. The first construction project Colas developed was done with the vision of uplifting neighborhoods and creating pleasant living spaces where people with lower incomes could reside. Those first projects had a significant impact on what were then
considered substandard areas in the city. Hermann went on to launch other highly successful developments in the Portland metro area.

Colas Construction focuses on delivering high quality building construction projects for private and public sector needs while targeting a minimum of 25 percent MWESB subcontractor participation on their projects.