Links to sustainable purchasing information and public agencies with sustainable purchasing programs.

EPA Environmentally Preferable Procurement  - Federal EPP program

Green Office Guide 2011 (803 KB) - Ensure your purchasing decisions have the least impact on the environment and human health, while promoting social justice.

Responsible Purchasing Network - Product guides, and tools for making purchasing decisions

EPPnet - listserv focusing on sustainable procurement for public purchasing professionals and experts.

METRO - Oregon Metro Government site contains useful resources for recycling and waste management

Multnomah County Recycling - Specific to County operations

NASPO Green Resources - National Association of State Procurement Officials

NASPO has developed this Green Purchasing Guide for its members and others to use in navigating the sea of information surrounding the adoption of a responsible purchasing program. This guide is intended to be a straight forward, easy-to-use document that provides purchasers with a basic understanding of the concept and benefits of green purchasing, offers recommended steps and proven strategies to enable the implementation of a green purchasing program, and supplies links to other resources offering detailed information on specific elements of the process.

Pathway to Zero (352.88 KB) - Disposal of waste carries a significant cost to the economy and the environment, and represents lost opportunities. As landfills close, municipalities and businesses look for innovative solutions to the problem of higher waste disposal costs, but state government finds itself with fewer resources to help. It is increasingly understood that solid waste management is an important contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which Massachusetts is bound by law to reduce 80 percent by 2050,which means that solid waste management is an important aspect of our GHG mitigation planning for 2020  This is the context for the Draft 2010-2020 Massachusetts Solid Waste. 

Public Agencies with Sustainable Purchasing Programs



New York City

City and County of San Francisco

Santa Monica, California






New York


Cobb County EPP Policy (21.24 KB)

King County, Washington

Nevada County EPP Policy (122.47 KB)

San Mateo County, California

Sonoma County EPP Policy (50.22 KB)


Rutgers University

Portland State University

Princeton University

Oregon State University

Environmentally sound, socially equitable, economically feasible

Related Purchasing Resources

New York City has an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Standard, and they have produced the following purchasing guides: