June 2013

View the full RFP Medical Laboratory Services

The Purpose of this procurement was to select a vendor from whom it may purchase medical laboratory services that fall outside the scope of internal services at the e Multnomah County Health Department laboratory.

Sustainability Questions Used (additional sustainability reference on page 7, 13, 24)

1. Please demonstrate how your business or organization will provide the services identified in
the scope of services in a sustainable manner. What measures will you take to minimize
impacts to the environment? Specifically address the following:

  • energy usage
  • waste management and reduction, such as dry ice for transportation of specimens
  • chemical usage and management
  • green chemistry and use of less toxic chemicals
  • water usage
  • work-related travel and route optimization

Please provide specific examples, metrics, details of efforts, practices, and/or processes.

Evaluation Criteria: The proposer provides specific examples, metrics, details of practices,
and/or processes to deliver services in a sustainable manner.

2. What sustainability innovations beyond industry best practices does your organization have to offer in the delivery of services?

Evaluation Criteria: Proposer describes their sustainability innovations

3. Please demonstrate your business’s or organization’s sustainable business practices, which could include, but are not limited to a formal sustainability program and/or policies covering recycling measures; energy conservation plans; water conservation policies; and a green cleaning policy. Please provide specific examples, metrics, and details of practices and include copies of reports, policies or plans if available.

Evaluation Criteria: Proposer provides specific examples, metrics, and details of practices, and copies of reports, policies, or plans related to their sustainable business practices.