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2017 was a year focused on reassessing the procurement business function for the County. We began piloting the software that we launch in July of 2018 that will radically reshape the County’s approach to procurement and contracting.

This report contains many of the standard process measures that are important to track to ensure that Purchasing is providing the efficient and cost effective services taxpayers expect. Reporting for COBID Certified Firms on our two large capital projects are done separately from this report and can be found here:

The County’s Purchasing team continues to grow and develop, both in response to the demographic shifts in our workforce, and as proactive agents to improve service to both our internal clients and suppliers. We continue to seek more efficient methods as well as opportunities to create value through partnerships with other agencies. But fundamentally it is the individual staff of Multnomah County Purchasing who make the services we provide possible. They are a dedicated team who consistently seek to improve how we do business and I am inspired by both their professionalism and passion. 

Brian R. Smith
Multnomah County Purchasing Manager    


Purchasing Annual Report Summary FY17 (4.14 MB)