Engines for Patrol Boats (Informal Quote)

  1. Can packaging be recycled at Multnomah County Facilities?
  2. Could the amount of packaging be reduced or be recycled?
  3. Was the product made from recycled materials?
  4. Did the Bidder have a waste reduction Plan?
  5. Did they have a sustainable purchasing plan?

Pneumatic Bi Directional Target System (Quote)

  1. Can the Components packaging be reduced or recycled?
  2. Do any of the components require hazardous waste disposal?  If yes, please specify disposal requirements?
  3. Are any of the components made from recycled materials and can they be recycled in the future?

Ballistic Vest and Covers, Product and Custom Fitting for Ballistic Vest (Quote)

  1. Is the product made of durable materials?
  2. Can the product be re-used for a similar or different purpose after its use for this solicitation
  3. Does the product require specialized disposal such as hazardous disposal?  
  4. Can the product and or its packaging be recycled at local facilities?  
  5. Can the packaging be reduced or recycled?
  6. Does the vendor incorporate alternative transportation methods or methods that minimize fossil fuel use in the provision of services? Does the vendor practice resource conservation in the delivery of services?