August 22, 2014

The NIGP Forum is the largest North American conference held exclusively for public procurement professionals and where Multnomah County presented a workshop on the Five Steps to Communicating the Value of Procurement. ​We all know that procurement teams bring value to their organization, but how do you communicate that value in a meaningful way? While the physical act of recording savings and efficiencies isn’t complicated, how do you determine what calculation(s) you will use? What kinds of savings do you focus on? Does every saving have to have a cash value associated with it? Who is going to do the recording and when? How do you present the information to put Procurement in the best light? These questions and more were answered as Multnomah County presented the specific steps used to articulate the value of procurement to the organization and its' constituents.

Presenters: Brian Smith, Purchasing Manager and Gerald Jelusich, Lead Senior Procurement Analyst, Multnomah County, OR; and Jonathan White, Director, Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc., Herndon, VA

Presented Materials:
NIGP Five Steps Presentation (2.3 MB)
Multnomah County Measure Notes (565.68 KB)
Multnomah County Fiscal Year 2014 Profit & Loss Valuation (87.87 KB)
Multnomah County Sample Completed Value Added Worksheets (1.71 MB)
Multnomah County Value Added Master Worksheet (23.5 KB)