Contract Expiration Dates

Remember to check the expiration dates on each contract you wish to use.  If it indicates that it is expired please call the contract initiator to verify its expiration date.  

Human Services Contract Risk Management System

Multnomah County has developed a Human Services Contract Risk Management System in order to manage risk effectively. Learn more here.Oregon State Seal

State of Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)

The link above will take you to the State of Oregon's ORPIN system. After you log in, you may view current contracts available to Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (ORCPP) members by selecting "Browse Contracts", typing ORCPP in the Contract Keyword option and scrolling down to click on Search. The County can use all of the contracts listed. To narrow your search, go to "Commodity Keyword" and type in a description - e.g., vehicle, ammunition, computer, etc. before clicking on Search. Remember, if you do not specify ORCPP contracts be sure to check within the contract document; the header section must include "AND ORCPP MEMBERS" or the contract cannot be used by the County.Washington Icon

State of Washington Price Agreements

Search by contract number or key word. Make sure the contract you are considering using has cooperative language that will allow use by the county or ORCPP (Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program), of which the county is a member.NIGP Columbia Chapter

NIGP Columbia Chapter Inter-Governmental Cooperative Purchasing Contracts IGA Contracts (507.35 KB)

The above link opens an Adobe Acrobat document which lists contracts of other governmental agencies that are available for use by Multnomah County. The County can use all current contracts listed in this document that originated with other Oregon government agencies. The County cannot use any listed contracts that originated with out-of-state government agencies. For information about these contracts, you must call the Agency's Buyer listed in the document to verify that the contract is still active.