FY2017 was another year where we spent time creating value for the County. This data contains many of the standard process measures that are important to track to ensure that Central Purchasing is providing the efficient and cost effective services taxpayers expect. But beyond the core function of overseeing the purchase of the goods and services needed to support the County’s broader mission, there are a number of specific initiatives highlighted in this data that are important to telling the story of what we do for best value for our community. ​Reporting for COBID Certified Firms on our two large capital projects are done separately from the reporting below and can be found here: https://multco.us/multnomah-county/capital-projects.

FY2017 Contracts Awarded (100.25 KB)
FY2017 Contract Awards to MWESB Vendors and QRF Vendors (59.04 KB)
FY2015-17 Payments Made to MWESB Vendors (53.03 KB)
FY2017 Total Payments Made to MWESB Vendors (104.63 KB)
FY2015-17 Contract Summary By Department (57.96 KB)
FY2017 Dollars Awarded by Category (35.29 KB)
FY2017 Payments Made to MWESB Vendors (36.56 KB)
FY2015-17 Prime Contracts Awarded (35.06 KB)
FY2017 Total Number of Contracts (35.05 KB)
FY2015-17 Prime Dollars Awarded (35.08 KB)