August 2013

View the entire RFP Safe Start Co-Located Parent-Child Specialist Services

This solicitation seeks to purchase Co-Located Parent-Child Specialist services as part of the Multnomah County Safe Start Project. The purpose of the service is to reduce children’s emotional or behavioral problems and traumatic stress related to exposure to domestic violence, reduce the parent’s trauma symptoms related to domestic violence, and to promote the parent’s ability to nurture and protect their children after exposure to domestic violence. Services will include weekly home visits from a Masters-level specialist with degree in social work, counseling or equivalent education, and with training and/or experience on domestic violence, child development, child trauma, and parenting.  

Sustainability Questions Used (additional sustainability reference on page 4):

1a. Providing Services - Discuss how your organization, on behalf of Multnomah County, will mitigate potential environmental impacts when the delivery of these services are outside the co-located office in the community.

1b. Environmental Impacts - Describe your organization’s major environmental impacts and how you have integrated sustainability considerations into daily operations to mitigate these impacts. Provide details of specific actions, programs or policies. Please provide specific examples and include any metrics and success stories.