Sellwood Bridge CMGC  

5 pages maximum

18.5.1 Required Proposal Content in Category V:
Sustainable practices simultaneously address environmental, economic and social equity factors, also referred to as the “triple bottom line”. The Agency seeks to establish and implement a project approach consistent with the triple bottom line that applies to all phases of the Project including planning, design and construction.

Submit the following:
(a)Describe your approach to integrating sustainable practices in designing past bridge projects including but not limited to: 1) deconstruction, 2) low life-cycle costs, 3) origin of materials, 4) the types and costs of materials, (5) the location of material manufacture, (6) use of high performance materials, (7) material and resource management, (8) site work solutions, (9) rapid construction and prefabrication, and (10) low VOC paints and sealers. Please provide specific examples from past projects and any that you would carry forward to this project.

(b) Describe the different types of waste materials anticipated on this project and your proposed methods for reuse, recycling and disposal that will support Multnomah County’s construction waste diversion goals. Include in your response references to how waste will be identified for reuse and recycling, typical methods of disposal by type of material, and recycling and waste management facilities that will be receiving the materials. Proposers may highlight key elements of a waste management plan that it utilized on a similar project. Describe how you plan to communicate the waste management and recycling goals to the Project Team. More information about construction waste recycling and waste management plans can be found at: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/index.cfm/go/by.web/id=24684.

(c) For this project please list any staff responsible for overseeing on-site construction waste management and communication. Please include their job title and any information about prior experience on a previous project of similar scope. Describe how you plan to communicate the waste management and recycling goals to the project team.

(d) Describe environmental stewardship efforts that your business has made within your own operations in the past five years, such as:

1. Written policies or plans that commit to operating in a sustainable manner;
2. Energy conservation measures;
3. Water conservation measures;
4. Waste reduction and recycling measures;
5. Plans for the reduction or management of fossil fuel usage for transportation;
6. Social equity policies;
7. Reduction of air pollution through the use of clean diesel, and other methods during construction equipment operations.

18.5.2 CRITERION: Degree to which the Proposal demonstrates that the Proposer meets or exceeds Agency objectives, as evaluated by the EC. Agency objectives include: a) maximizing the integration of sustainable practices into the design and construction of the Project; b) detailed explanation of proposed waste management plan; c) dedicated staff member responsible for construction waste management and a plan for communicating waste management and recycling goals during the project and; d) contracting with a Proposer who has demonstrated environmental stewardship.