November 2010

View entire RFP Sellwood Bridge Project Engineering Consulting Services  Sellwood Bridge RFP for A&E (303.92 KB)

This procurement was for engineering consultant services for the complete final design and construction assistance engineering for the Sellwood Bridge Project.

Sustainability Questions Used (additional sustainability references on pages 13, 27 and 50)

1. Describe your approach to integrating sustainable practices in designing past bridge projects including but not limited to: 1) deconstruction, 2) re-use of materials, 3) origin of materials, 4) the types and costs of materials, (5) the location of material manufacture, (6) use of high performance materials, (7) low life-cycle costs, (8) site work solutions, (9) rapid construction and prefabrication, and (10) low VOC paints and sealers. Please provide specific examples from past projects and any that you would carry forward to this project.

2. Describe environmental stewardship efforts that your business has made within your own organization in the past three years, such as: 

  • A written policy or plan that commits to operating in a sustainable manner; 
  • Energy conservation measures; 
  • Water conservation measures; 
  • Waste reduction and recycling measures; 
  • Plans for the reduction or management of fossil fuel usage for transportation.