November 2012

View entire RFP Single family Dwelling Weatherization Measures on a Requirements Basis

This RFP was for the weatherization of low-income client homes through the establishment of a ranked list of contractors qualified to perform the work.

Sustainability questions used (additional sustainability references on page 8)

The County has an interest in measures used by its vendors to ensure sustainable operations with minimal adverse impact on the environment. The County seeks to do business with vendors who demonstrate community and environmental stewardship. Ten percent (10%) of the total possible points to be awarded in this RFP have been assigned to the Vendor General Sustainable Practices question below: 

Please provide specific details of how your organization / business will reduce the exposure of clients, building occupants and custodial personnel to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants including but not limited to the use of certified green cleaning products in accordance with Green Seal standards. Please provide specific details of how your organization / business will maximize waste reduction and recycling (for example, electronic communication and invoicing; use of recycled paper products, furniture recycling); use of alternative fuel vehicles; and/or water conservation policies.

Please demonstrate your internal sustainable business practices, which could include, but are not limited to a formal sustainability program and/or policies covering recycling measures; energy and water conservation measures; and a green cleaning policy.

Evaluation Criteria - The Proposer:

• Provides specific details of efforts for reducing exposure of clients, building occupants and custodial personnel to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants.
• Provides specific details for waste reduction and recycling efforts and practices.
• Demonstrates internal sustainable business practices.