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The County's Sustainable Purchasing and Social Equity policy guides the efforts of County staff in providing goods and services in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.
We partner with COBID (Certification Office for Business Inclusion & Diversity) to ensure that supplier diversity is practiced and is a priority in our purchasing and contracting. Supplier Diversity means we are proactive in encouraging or mandating the use of COBID Certified Firms for contracts or subcontracts with the County.

We are providing a one-stop place for all of the forms and instructions to all of our programs on this page. If you cannot find what you are looking for below, please let us know.

Additional information about the Supplier Diversity Program that includes Workforce Hiring and Training, Technical Assistance & Good Faith Effort requirements, contact: 

Debra Lindsay, Compliance Officer, at 503-988-7551.

Tracy Fisher, Supplier Diversity Officer, at 503-347-7847.

Multnomah County Good Faith Effort and Workforce Training and Hiring forms are posted below.

For your convenience, some of these forms are fillable PDF’s.
Fillable PDF Forms can be typed directly into, saved and printed.

Good Faith Effort Program Required Documents

Workforce Training and Hiring Program Documents

BOLI Prevailing Wages: Most construction projects require compliance with BOLI Rules for payment of prevailing wage rates.

Labor Harmony FAQs