Office Supplies Frequently Surplused: File Folder, post it note caddy, desk organizer, paper, hole punch.
Surplus assets are not always large wooden desks or vehicles! Top left to right: Desk Organizer with post its & Caddy and Misc Office Supplies, File Folders, Hole Punch, Tape Dispenser, Dividers: Bottom Row Desk Organizers with misc Office Supplies.
Multnomah County Central Purchasing continues to evaluate the true cost of owning assets. Surplus assets are defined as goods and materials that are deemed obsolete and need final disposition. Our surplus property pilot program is managed with less than .5 FTE staffing and focuses on non-capital assets.Through collaborative efforts $32,867 of surplus property was sold last fiscal year. Assets that could not be sold were able to achieve a 85.98% landfill diversion rate based on 48,435 pounds of surplus property. 

Donated: 37.35%
Direct Recycled: 26.45%
Reused or refurbished externally: 22.15%
Landfill: 14.05%

We have continued to build capacity for continual improvements on the processing of our surplus property by involving all stakeholders and participating in the following efforts: 

Strategic Sourcing Furniture Initiative
Workplace Modernization Initiative Workgroup
Sustainability Liaisons

Surplus assets can be large or small and abundant! Processing these assets is an important part of the stewardship of taxpayer dollars.