A photo of REACH's Communications Specialist Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard



Born in Kenya but raised in Oregon from the age of 6, Cindy found a sense of belonging and appreciation for diversity through the Hillsboro Boys and Girls Club which she attended until high school. This in turn inspired her to accept an AmeriCorps internship with the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation in Montana during college. She graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in international studies and subsequently traveled the world teaching English. In total, Cindy lived abroad for five years in five countries across three continents before moving to New York to work with an educational nonprofit called Queens Community House. Though Cindy enjoyed her time in Queens helping marginalized youth find work opportunities, homesickness finally led her back to Portland in 2022 where she joined the REACH team.

Over the years, Cindy discovered a passion for writing, social media, and community-based initiatives that led her to take up various outreach-related positions and projects. She has experience in education, communications, and nonprofit-related roles and is excited to serve Multnomah County's Black, African, immigrant and refugee communities through the REACH program. She plans to begin her graduate studies in 2023.

Cindy enjoys running, hanging out with her dog, nature, reading, writing, and being with friends and family. She can also be found dancing or singing karaoke when under significant duress.