New: How to Use COVID-19 Self-Test Kits & What to do After Testing

Multnomah County Health Officers, ICS staff, and REACH staff share how to use the iHealth COVID-19 self-test kits as well as what to do based on your test results and how to access necessary supports while isolating at home.


Captions provided in the following languages:
Amharic | Arabic | French | Kirundi | Kinyarwanda | Maay Maay  Oromo | Portugese | Somali | Swahili |Tigrinya

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In order to make an inquiry about available support for any COVID-19 related community efforts you're leading, please fill out the form found on this page.

COVID-19 Community Resources 

Business Resources

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Domestic Violence Resources

  • Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence webpage

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline webpage

Education Resources

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Food Resources

Health Resources

  • There is now a tri-county coronavirus symptom checker available for regional use  ​​​
  • Multnomah County-Health Department's instructions for COVID-19 preventative measures
  • Multnomah County-Health Department's health clinics that are open right now 
  • Oregon Health Authority's instructions on the testing process for COVID-19
  • Multnomah County Contact Tracing Assistance
  • East County Health Clinic COVID-19 testing information

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For Phase 2:

Unemployment Benefits Support 

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