Deed fraud is an emergent problem. Deed fraud is not widespread, but it is increasing.  In the last year, our Multnomah County Recording office has been made aware of more than 5 cases.  Multnomah County Division of Assessment Recording and Taxation has responded by:

  • Modifying our internal procedures to make an effort to identify fraud.
  • Cooperating with law enforcement on cases of fraud.
  • Working with the statewide clerk community, the Secretary of State, our clerk software vendor, as well as our Multnomah County legislative team to identify changes to address this problem.

Forgery based deed fraud can happen to any property owner. Unfortunately, it’s currently too easy for criminals to create and record forged documents, which will, at the least, require the property owner to go through a quiet title process, which is a lawsuit to establish a party’s title to real property, in the courts. 

  • The criminals may have different intended outcomes from the fraudulent recording. Sometimes they may not be looking to occupy or possess the property, instead taking out a loan against the property as collateral. 

What can you do?

You can check the records regularly for free without using a 3rd party subscription service to do so. 

  • Go to: to search the Assessor ownership records for your properties. If you see a different name on your property tax record, please reach out to us at 503-988-2225 or
  • Go to: and search by name to see any recorded documents in your name. If you see a document recorded in your name that you are unaware of, contact us at 503-988-2273 or
    • Please note, you will be able to see the index information for free and request a download through the shopping cart function. 

What do you do if you realize that your property has been affected?

  • Go to the police and fill out a report.  
    • The police report number will be helpful as you move through the process to correct the situation and will be needed on a number of documents. You will need the report number for documentation purposes
  • Inform all 3 credit bureaus
    • Experian
    • TransUnion
    • Equifax 
  • If you have a mortgage, call your mortgage company
  • Work with an attorney or get legal advice
    • Multnomah County employees cannot provide legal advice