Instructions for Officiants

You must have received documentation of your ordination. We will not ask for the proof of your ordination. Also, you do not need to register your ordination with Multnomah County before the ceremony.

Two persons age 18 or older need to witness the solemnization of the marriage.

Following the marriage ceremony, complete the Ceremony section on the marriage license. You must fill in the following information:

  1. Date of marriage
  2. Location of marriage
  3. County of marriage
  4. Your signature
  5. Your title (minister, priest, etc.)
  6. Your name, personal address and phone number (PO BOX is acceptable.)
  7. The name of the authorizing religious or secular congregation/organization of the officiant.
  8. The printed names of the witnesses.

You are responsible for returning the license within five days of the ceremony by mail. 

A marriage license form that is not completed will cause a delay in processing the license. The parties involved will not be able to get certified copies until the errors are corrected. We include Instructions for Officiants (195.79 KB)with the license packet

Ordination Requirements

To be considered a valid ordination, the State of Oregon requires your ordaining organization to be active (i.e. conducting business or holding services).

If the organization has closed, you must get another ordination before officiating at weddings.

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