Recording Requirements for Standard Recording

  • Text must be typed, written, or printed in 10-point type or larger (ORS 205.232)
  • Page size must be between 8 1/2" x 11" and 8 1/2" x 14" (ORS 205.232)
  • Paper must be of sufficient quality for reproduction photographically (ORS 205.232)
  • There must be enough space for the recording sticker (4" x 2") to be placed on the first page of the document (preferably in the upper right hand corner) (ORS 205.236)

First Page Requirements

When a document is presented to the county clerk for recording, the first page of the document must contain:

  • The title(s) of the transaction(s) (ORS 205.236)
  • The names of the persons involved in the transaction as described in ORS 205.160
  • The name and address of the person to whom the document will be delivered (ORS 205.180)
  • The true and actual consideration (the amount of money) paid for the transfer (ORS 93.030)
  • The name and address to which the tax statements will be delivered (ORS 93.260)
  • For County Clerk Lien Records, the information described in ORS 205.125(1)(c) and (e)
  • For documents that assign a mortgage or trust deed, the name and address of the assignee (ORS 205.234)

If the above information is not on the first page of the document, a cover sheet that contains the above information will be required.  It will become part of the document and $5 will be added to the recording fee.

If the document does not comply with the requirements above, yet can be legally recorded, and the person does not prepare a recording cover page (74.85 KB), then $20 will be added to the recording fee. (ORS 205.327)

Document Corrections

A document that has been previously recorded may be re-recorded to make corrections in the original document.  The corrected document need not be acknowledged again.  The first page of the corrected document must meet all of the first page requirements for recording.

The person presenting the document for re-recording shall include a re-recording statement on the first page of the document, or to a cover sheet authorized by ORS 205.244 (2).  The re-recording statement shall contain the words:
"RERECORDED AT THE REQUEST OF ___________________ TO CORRECT ________________ PREVIOUSLY RECORDED IN BOOK _____ AND PAGE _______ OR AS FEE NUMBER ___________________."

If you do not have the original document to correct and re-record you will need to request a certified copy of the document.

A certified copy of a recorded document may not be altered for the purpose of correcting the original document (ORS 205.244 (2)).  The cover sheet must contain the re-recording statement described above.  The re-recorded document may include attachments identified on the cover sheet that are necessary to make corrections.


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