This month we’re bringing you a little insight into how good records management practices can help you out in your personal life. Our Records Administrative Assistant, Kevin Dean, has an extensive DVD collection that he’s organized into a library of his own. Check out some of our previous posts for more tips on personal records management and archives.Kevin's DVD Collection

From Kevin:

A lot of people out there have music, whether it be CDs or downloads. Some people have old VHS collections, or DVD or BluRay collections, or both. The last mention fits me; I have over 900 BluRays and DVDs of movies and TV shows.

I organize my collection alphabetically by title, using Microsoft Excel, but I also have some collections within my collection. For example, The American Film Institute (AFI) back in 1997 issued a top 100 movies of all time list with the idea of re-issuing one every 10 years, because lots of movies come out in a 10 year span. So with that said they also released another top 100 list in 2007. So part of my collection is collecting from that 1st list as well as the 2nd list. I also am collecting all the Best Picture Winners from the Oscars (I own 83 of the 86 winners and 2 of the 3 movies haven’t been released on DVD or BluRay).

Image of DVD listPlus few other ways I organize with in the alphabetic is color code, if the movie was on the 1997 AFI top 100 but fell off the 2007 list then I color it red. Another color code I use is blue font for BluRay.

Along with the AFI top 100 and Best Picture, I have a few movie collections that I sort by character such as Elvis (which I have 16 of his movies), Harry Potter (I own all 8 of those), James Dean, Stanley Kubrick, Disney animated features (I own all of them), and of course James Bond!

In conclusion, I love movies and TV shows, I have this huge collection because when the mood strikes me I watch one or more as often as I like.  Also as big as my collection is if I didn’t apply some sort of records keeping practice then I wouldn’t know what I had.