Item  Charge
 Per copy cost, records staff produced  First 20 copies free, then $0.25/copy
 Per copy cost, customer produced  First 20 copies free, then $0.15/copy
 Per scan cost, records staff  First 5 scans free, then $0.60/scan
 Per scan cost, customer produced  No charge
 Per letter size print cost (from scan)  First 20 prints free, then $0.05/print
 Reference/research assistance  First 30 minutes free, then $6.00/10 minutes*
 Reproduction by outside vendor  $10 handling fee + vendor invoice
 Certified copies, per certification  $5

Records will determine who can make copies, based on staff coverage, and condition of originals.

Records accepts cash and checks with photo identification. We are not able to accept credit card payments at this time.

* Research fees are rounded to the next 10-minute increment. For example, 42 minutes of research time would cost $12 (30 minutes free plus two 10-minute increments).