Community Justice: Juvenile Services: Data Services

Series Descriptions

Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

Community Monitoring Case Files (JSD3-001): Documents department monitoring of juveniles requiring close supervision until their hearing or trial. Records include intake face sheets, correspondence, progress reports, preliminary detention order, juvenile's call-in schedule, monitoring reports, warning file, and final report.
Retention: Retain until juvenile reaches age 30. (2007-0008/005)

Community Service Case Files (JSD5-001): Documents client participation in Project Payback and Community Service programs. Records include program referrals, ledger of money owed/earned, progress reports, description of community service or work performed, case notes, and related correspondence.
Retention: Retain until client reaches age 18. (2007-0008/013)

District Attorney Case Aging Report (JSD7-002): Documents cases that have been open at the DA's office for 30 or more days. The report is generated by the TJIS information system and shows juvenile's name, case number date assigned, and assigned DA.
Retention: Retain 1 year. (2007-0008/016)

Juvenile Department Records (JSD4-001(a) and JSD4-001(b) and JSD4-001(c)): Documents all interactions between the Juvenile Services Division and its clients and families. These case files include a variety of records and provide complete documentation for various programs. Much of the information is also summarized in the division's online information system. Records may include, but are not limited to: Action Plans, Assessments, Probation/Case Plans, Safety Plan, SO Registration, Incident reports, Authorization/Release of Information, letters generated by the Juvenile Court Counselor, Internal/External referrals, alcohol and drug treatment reports, results of U.A.s, Public/Private School reports, Evaluations, i.e. mental health, psychological reports, progress notes from treatment programs, discharge summaries, victim letters, victim request for victim rights and involvement, victim impact statement, victim request for restitution, receipts for payments, apology letter to victim, related correspondence and supporting documentation.
Retention: JSD4-001(a) YOB 1976 or earlier: retain until youngest client in case file reaches age 26; JSD4-001(b) YOB 1977 or later: retain until youngest client in case file reaches age 30; JSD4-001(c) Sex Offender Case Files: retain until client reaches age 50. (2007-0008/010)

LEDS Certification Records (JSD4-004): Documents the certification of division employees to use the LEDS system. Records include training documentation, LEDS Workbook, test, and related records.
Retention: Retain 6 years after employee separation. (MOAR 166-150-0160(10))

LEDS/NCIC Transaction Validation Records (JSD4-003(a) and JSD4-003(b)): Series documents the audit and validation of LEDS and NCIC transactions related to juveniles. Records include background investigations, NCIC audits, validation documentation and related records.
Retention: JSD4-003(a) Background investigations: retain 30 days; JSD4-003(b) Other records: retain 5 years. (2007-0008/012)

Sex Offender Registration Records (JSD4-002): Documents the registration of sex offenders as required by ORS 181.595. Records include copy of registration forwarded to State Police and printout of the LEDS data entry. Information includes offenders name, registration number, charge, and related information.
Retention: Retain 10 years. (2007-0008/011)