There are several types of death records available in Multnomah County and elsewhere.

Death Index Sites

Death Certificates

Access to death records in Oregon is restricted for 50 years following death. Please review the relevant agency's policies to confirm you are eligible to obtain a certified death record.

For certified copies six months or less following death.

  • Order copies through the Multnomah County Health Department.

For certified copies six months or more following death

For non-certified copies from 50 years ago or older

Probate Records

Probate Court settles legal matters related to estates, wills, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships.  


No formal requirement exists in the State of Oregon for wills to be recorded; however:

  • Contact the deceased's lawyer who may have a copy of the will.
  • Contact Court Records for wills that were part of a probate case.
  • Historic wills may have been recorded by the Recorder's Office; contact them directly for more information.

Other Sources

Key Contacts

Multnomah County Health Department
Vital Records
847 N.E. 19th Ave, Suite 350
Portland OR 97232
(503) 988-3745

Oregon Center for Health Statistics
800 N.E. Oregon Street, Suite 205
Portland OR 97232
(971) 673-1190

Oregon State Archives
800 Summer Street
Salem OR 97310
(503) 373-0701

City of Portland Archives and Records Center
1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550
Portland OR 97201
(503) 865-4100

Genealogical Forum of Oregon
2505 SE 11th Ave, Ste B-18
Portland OR 97202
(503) 963-1932