Series Descriptions

Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

Alarm Testing Records (MCSO17-015): Documents monthly alarm checks on fire doors, panic buttons, and staff radios.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (MOAR 166-150-0115(9))  

Bail Status Reports (MCSO17-021): These reports, known informally as "Bail Printouts," document the legal status of an inmate at the time s/he is released due to being bailed. This information is required to insure that database changes do not effect the status of the inmate at the time of bail. Reports consist of various SWIS screen shots showing inmate name, date and time of report, and information about criminal history, bail amount, payment information, and similar records.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(6))  

Correctional Facility Access Background Check Records (MCSO17-018): Documents background checks conducted on all unescorted persons accessing the secure perimeter of the jails. Includes criminal history checks, driving checks, personal references, and related background information.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (2007-0017/006)  

Corrections Division Directives (MCSO17-014): Documents directives issued by corrections command staff to direct inmate and corrections staff activities. Includes general orders, special orders, and memoranda. Shows date, text of directive, and authorization.
Retention: 20 years after superseded or obsolete. (MOAR 166-150-0005(25))  

Daily Population Reports (MCSO17-006): Documents total jail inmate population on a daily basis. Includes daily population reports indicating the total inmate population of each correctional facility. Information includes officer's name, date, beginning inmate count, inmate names, time in/out, and final inmate count.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(43))  

Disciplinary Walk Log (MCSO17-013): Documents daily walks by inmates who are housed in the correctional facilities' disciplinary dorms. Logs show date, inmate name, time and duration of walks, and related information.
Retention: Retain 5 years after inmate release. (MOAR 166-150-0135(45))

DNA Sampling Records (MCSO17-025): Documents that an inmate has had a DNA sample taken and that the sample has been forwarded to the Oregon State Police for inclusion in their DNA database. Includes inmate identification, date test taken, type of test taken, and date sent to OSP.
Retention: Retain 6 years after inmate released. (MOAR 166-150-0135(48))  

Dorm Diaries (MCSO17-007): Documents messages left by each shift of facility security officers to notify the next shift of problems. Shift diaries are an informal complement to the Dorm Log. Information includes date, narrative description of any problems or occurrences, and officer's initials.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(9))  

Dorm Logs (MCSO17-008): Documents all information related to inmate activities on each dorm in the correctional facility. Log shows dorm name, location, and a chronological description of all activities on that dorm, Notations include date, time, a description of the activity, and officer's initials. Activities can include discipline, fighting, meals, medical treatment, visitors, and similar events.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(9))  

Dorm Seniority List (MCSO17-022): Used to establish a list of inmates eligible for hire. List is ranked by inmate seniority and shows inmate name, dorm name, seniority, and eligible jobs.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (2007-0017/007)  

Facility Budget Preparation Records (MCSO17-023): Records documenting the preparation of facility budget requests presented to the specified governing body. May include staff reports, budget instructions, worksheets, surveys, allotment reports, spending plans, contingency plans, budget proposals, financial forecasting reports, and similar records.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (MOAR 166-150-0110(8))  

Facility Construction and Remodeling Records (MCSO17-019): Documents remodeling and construction at county correctional facilities. Records include blueprints, line drawings, copies of contracts, correspondence, and related material about buildings, systems, and grounds. Significant records are maintained by Facilities Management.
Retention: Retain 10 years. (MOAR 166-150-0020(8))  

Facility Purchasing Records (MCSO17-027): Records documenting orders, authorizations, and evidence of receipt of the purchase of goods and services by correctional facilities. Includes purchase orders and requests, purchase authorizations, requisitions, contract release orders, material and cost specifications, central stores or printing orders, telephone service orders, and similar records. Includes purchases for both facility programs and inmates.
Retention: Retain 3 years. (MOAR 166-150-0110(21))

Inmate Case Files (MCSO17-026): Records documenting special circumstances or conditions related to inmates in Multnomah County correctional facilities. Records vary based on circumstance, but may include do not resuscitate orders, legal claims, alleged abuse complaints, protective custody requirements, medical concern statements, and similar records.
Retention: Retain 5 years after inmate released. (MOAR 166-150-0135(45))  

Inmate Disciplinary Appeals (MCSO17-011): Documents inmate appeals of discipline imposed by correctional facility staff. Discipline is not grievable and appeals are heard by a hearings officer and the facility captain issues a final opinion. Records include appeal, hearings records, appeal decision, and related documentation.
Retention: Retain 5 years after inmate released. (MOAR 166-150-0135(45))  

Inmate Grievance Records (MCSO17-002): Documents formal inmate complaints about conditions or treatment at county correctional facilities. Records include grievance logs, grievance reports, and related documentation. Information includes inmate's name and identification, description of grievance, date filed, response, and related information.
Retention: Retain 5 years after last action. (MOAR 166-150-0135(46))  

Inmate Mail (MCSO17-012): Documents mail that could not be delivered to an inmate but was un-returnable for one reason or another. Records include various types of mail with notes and postal markings describing why it couldn't be delivered or returned. 
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(49))  

Inmate Property Transaction Logs (MCSO17-010): Documents the transfer of inmate property between institutions or the property unit. Logs show inmate name, description of property, location transferred from, location transferred to, and date and time transferred.
Retention: Retain 5 years after inmate released. (MOAR 166-150-0135(45))  

Inmate Visiting Records (MCSO17-001): Documents inmate visitation. Records include inmate visitor cards (indicating who the inmate will allow to see them), visitor slips (showing who is visiting the inmate), and visitor log (showing daily visits to each facility). Information includes inmate's name, visitor's name, date and time of visit, and relationship of visitor to inmate.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(50))  

Key Logs (MCSO17-003): Documents keys issued to correctional security staff for access to secure locations within correctional facilities. Includes key logs indicating key number, entry and exit times, and individuals' names.
Retention: Retain 3 years. (MOAR 166-150-0005(13))

Medical Screening Reports (MCSO17-017): Documents initial screening of inmates upon their entry into the correctional facility. This is a copy of the record that is sent to Corrections Health. Information includes inmate name, personal information, date of screening, location of screening, and basic health information.
Retention: Retain 1 year. (MOAR 166-150-0005(8))  

Module/Dorm Checklist (MCSO17-004): Documents daily check of module/dorm to identify any discrepancies  in equipment or supplies. Checklist shows date, deputy's name, and check list for equipment.
Retention: Retain 1 year. (MOAR 166-150-0135(9))  

Movie Monitoring List (MCSO17-024): Series is used to maintain a current list of movies (in video and dvd format) that are available for inmate viewing. Listing shows name of movie, format, and related information.
Retention: Retain until superseded or obsolete. (2007-0017/008)  

Processing Count Sheets (MCSO17-020): Documents inmate population's moves. Keeps a current count in each housing unit and a facility total count.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0135(43))  

Shift Rosters/Schedules (MCSO17-009): Documents all officers working on a given shift. Rosters show date, time, list of officers scheduled to work, and description of any variances.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0005(46))  

Special Reports (MCSO17-016): Documents events occurring at jails that require communication with other locations and staff, or that require official recording. Includes special reports indicating name of person filing report, and narrative account of event.
Retention: Retain 7 years. (MOAR 166150-0135(1))