Library: Director's Office

Series Descriptions

Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

"The Register" Newsletter (L06-018):

Monthly internal newsletter documenting activities of the library system. Includes articles about staffing, collections, buildings and grounds, news items, and related activities.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(33))

Annual Report To State Library (L06-015):

Agency copy of a report filed with the Oregon State Library in satisfaction of ORS 357.520 to monitor library programs. Includes statistics on circulation patrons served, inter-library loan transactions, children's programs, and other subjects. Includes the annual reports of the Library Association of Portland (1864-1989) and reports of the Multnomah County Library system (1989-present).
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0140(9))

Budget Preparation Records (L06-005):

Records documenting the preparation of department budget requests presented to the specified governing body. May include staff reports, budget instructions, worksheets, surveys, allotment reports, spending plans, contingency plans, budget proposals, financial forecasting reports, and similar records.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (OAR 166-150-0110(7))

Central Library Design And Construction Oversight Committee Records (L06-006):

Records documenting the proceedings of the citizen committee appointed to oversee the renovation of the Central Library. Records may include minutes, agendas, exhibits, resolutions, staff reports, indexes, audio or visual recordings, correspondence, and related documentation.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(17))


Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the Multnomah County Retention Schedules. Records may include but are not limited to letters, memoranda, notes and electronic messages that communicate formal approvals, directions for action, and information about contracts, purchases, grants, personnel and particular projects or programs.
Retention: File with the associated program or administrative records. Communications not meeting the above criteria do not need to be filed and may be retained as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(10)) Updated 01/08/2018

Grant Administration Records (L06-012):

Records document the application, evaluation, awarding, administration, monitoring, and status of grants in which the agency is the recipient, grantor, allocator, or administrator. Grants may come from federal or state governments or foundations and other private funding sources.Records may include, but are not limited to, grant applications and award notification, progress reports, budgets, project objectives, proposals, records monitoring project plans and measuring achievement, accounting records, audit reports,expenditure reports, and related correspondence and documentation.
Retention: Retain 20 years. (OAR 166-150-0110(16))

Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse Records (L06-017):

Records documenting library review of requests by patrons that materials held by the library system be reviewed for appropriateness. Records include reconsideration reports, statement of concern, book reviews and other documentation about the material under review, and related correspondence. Reconsideration reports are sent to the State Library and show library name, title considered, person requesting reconsideration, date of request, final library decision, person making decision, and date.
Retention: Retain 10 years. (2000-0025/001)

Legislative Tracking Records (L06-010):

Series used to monitor legislation which may have an impact on an agency's current operations or policies. Records include concept statements, proposals, bill logs, fiscal/organizational impact analysis papers, copies of bills, testimony summaries, committee reports,agendas, and correspondence.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(14))

Library Board Meeting Records (L06-001):

Official meeting records of the board responsible for overseeing library operations or for advising a public library regarding library operations. Records include minutes, agendas, indexes, exhibits, correspondence,  appointment letters, orientation records, attendance roster, and related records. Includes Library Association of Portland (LAP)Board of Directors (1864-1990), LAP committees (1911-1954), and Library Board (1991-present) meetings.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(17))

Library Renovation Records (L06-007):

Documents the renovation of the county branch libraries. The bulk of existing material deals with the Midland and Central branch renovation projects. Records include floor plans; photographs of the library before, during, and after renovation; records of internal move, public relations, and art committees; tour records; community surveys; cost estimates; traffic surveys; correspondence; and related records.
Retention: Retain permanently. (MCC §8.500-8.502)

Library Scrapbooks (L06-019):

Records and ephemera used by the library or about the library maintained in subject-oriented scrapbooks. Includes newspaper clippings, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, pictures, reading lists, and related records.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(44))

Library Transition Agreement (L06-011):

Documents official transfer of the county library from the Library Association of Portland to Multnomah County. Includes the conformed transition agreement, dated 4/26/1990; transition reports; and related correspondence.
Retention: Retain permanently. (2000-0025/002)

Metropolitan Interlibrary Exchange (MIX) Records (L06-014):

Records documenting the work of the group overseeing lending policies among the Oregon and Washington counties surrounding the Portland metropolitan area. Records include agreements, statistics, MIX director's meeting records, correspondence, and related records.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(17))

Statistical Reports ((L06-013(a) and L06-013(b)):

Reports documenting activities of the libraries in the county library system.Information includes monthly statistics on circulation, number of references, meeting rooms used, volunteer hours, community contacts, group visits, programs presented, renewals, fines collected, and worksheets showing individual branch information.
Retention: L06-013(a) Retain annual reports permanently; L06-013(b) Retain monthly and other reports 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0140(8))

Planning Records (L06-004):

Series documents long-range plans and the development of an agency's mission statement and work objectives. Records include strategic plans, mission statements, preliminary drafts, work notes, and related correspondence.
Retention: Retain 20 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(25))

Policy And Procedures Statements (L06-003):

Series documents review, assessment, development, and authorization of the library's policies and procedures. Records may include authorizing bulletins and advisories, mission and goal statements, manuals, and final policy statements and directives. Information often includes policy and procedure numbers, revision dates, subject identification, narrative description, authorization information, and effective date.
Retention: Retain 20 years after superseded. (OAR 166-150-0005(27))

Public Comments and Complaints (L06-008):

Documents comments and complaints from the public and staff concerning library issues, usually service and types of materials in holdings. Records include original complaint (letter, email, phone message, comment card), official response, and any notes or documentation.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(35))

Staff Meeting Records (L06-009):

Records documenting routine staff meetings that deal with tasks and actions within existing policies and procedures and are not subject to the Public Meeting Law. Records may include minutes, notes, reports, and related items. Meetings include, but are not limited to County Department Managers, Direct Report Managers, Diversity Awareness, and Entrepreneurial Initiatives Team.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(18))

Workplace Safety Committee Records ((L06-016(a) and L06-016(b)):

Series documents the actions of the committee that oversees or advises the agency in relation to safety issues. Records may include minutes, agendas, exhibits, resolutions, staff reports, indexes, tape recordings, correspondence, and related documents. Subjects include hazards to employees and the general public, construction design, and repair safety concerns, suggestions, complaints, state and federal rules and regulations, and others.
Retention: L06-016(a) Minutes: Retain 10 years; L06-016(b) Other records: Retain 5 years. (OAR 166-150-0200(17))