Library: Public Affairs

Series Descriptions

Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

Clipping Files (L13-003):

Newspaper and magazine clippings of articles about the Multnomah County library system. Information includes article source, date, and text of article.
Retention: Retain as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(3))

Photographs (L13-001):

Provide visual documentation of library buildings, events, and people. Records include photographs and negatives, both color and black and white, maintained in binders with a descriptive index for each binder. Most of the photographs date from the mid-1970's to the present, but some date from the late nineteenth century.
Retention: Retain permanently. (2000-0025/009)

Press Releases (L13-002):

Prepared statements, announcements, news conference transcripts, and similar records issued to the news media. Subjects include the adoption of new programs, termination of old programs, policy shifts, changes in the status of elected officials or senior administrative personnel, and others. Also may include news releases announcing routine events or actions carried out within the scope of existing policies.
Retention: Retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0005(20))

Print Shop Job Files (L13-004):

Records documenting jobs completed by the Library's print shop. Records include work order, copy of brochure, copies of related artwork, printing plates or film, and related documentation. Information includes date of job, description of job, materials needed, number ordered, and related information. Since 1997, this information has been summarized in an online database.
Retention: Plates and film: retain until superseded or obsolete; other records: retain 10 years. (2000-0025/010)

Publications (L13-005):

Published records produced by the Public Relations program made available to library programs or to the public. Includes newsletters (including the Register, the Bookmark, and the Calendar of Events), pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, reports, studies, proposals, and similar published records.
Retention: One copy of each publication: retain permanently. (OAR 166-150-0140(6))