Permit records are issued by Multnomah County for unincorporated areas and by their respective departments for cities. Permits records may show evidence of building, renovation, ground disturbing activities, and property configuration. City departments provide Certificates of Occupancy. 

Please Note: 

  • ALL sewer permits for all of Multnomah County are managed by City of Portland.
  • ALL records and information related to heating oil tanks is managed by Department of Environmental Quality.

General Portland Metropolitan Area

Some historic permits can be found on Portland Maps. If they are available for the property you are searching, they will be under the "Historic Permits" link on the upper right portion of the screen.


The Bureau of Development Services issues permits for the City of Portland. Contact their Resource/Records Counter to obtain copies of permit records. Contact them at (503) 823-7660 for more information. Additionally, their office provides a Self Service Information Center providing on-site computer access to City databases providing information about permits. For general information about permits, or to apply for new permits, call (503) 823-7300.


Permit Services issues permits and provides access to records of existing permits. Call them at (503) 618-2845 for additional information or for assistance with their online systems. 

Unincorporated Areas

The Department of Land Use Planning for Multnomah County maintains records of permits for unincorporated areas in the County, including permits for building on unincorporated land. New building permits are provided by the closest city. All sewer permits are provided by City of Portland. Contact the Multnomah County Planner-on-Duty at (503) 988-3043 for more information on permits for unincorporated areas in Multnomah County.


Call the Building Permits Office at (503) 674-6206 for information about access to building permit or zoning records. 


The Building Safety Department issues permits for the City of Troutdale and maintains records of these permits. Contact them at (503) 674-7229.

Wood Village

For information regarding permits, contact City Hall at (503) 489-6861.