Property Ownership

When trying to determine the ownership of a property or a building, a useful source of information is the property assessment and taxation system. Records often include tax rolls, assessment rolls, tax lot ownership history, and other records that document who paid property taxes on a given piece of real property.

The County also records documents related to property transactions (mortgages and deeds, for example). This information can be accessed through the Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation's Public Research Room. Online information can be found through their two online databases: MultCoPropTax and MultCoRecords.

You can also find basic property information, including ownership information, through Portland Maps.

Title companies can also research the title to a piece of property. Generally, this will involve a fee. Call a local title company for more information. Local title companies can be found by doing a web search for "title company" plus the zip code for the area in which the property is located, for example "title company 97214." 

If you are looking for information more so about the history of a house or property, please see our page on House and Property History

Property tax records

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