Correspondence: Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the Multnomah County Retention Schedules. Records may include but are not limited to letters, memoranda, notes and electronic messages that communicate formal approvals, directions for action, and information about contracts, purchases, grants, personnel and particular projects or programs.
Retention: File with the associated program or administrative records. Communications not meeting the above criteria do not need to be filed and may be retained as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(10)) Updated 01/08/2018

Monthly Statistical Reports (L14-005): Reports documenting reference activities of the library system. Information includes monthly statistics on questions asked, type of question, method of request, and related information. Statistics are rolled up into the department monthly and annual reports.
Retention: Retain 1 year. (MOAR 166-117-00010(10))

Reference Requests (L14-001): Documents patron requests for information from reference librarians in the County Library system. Includes email requests via the library's "Ask Me" website, phone requests, and mail requests. Many requests are ephemeral in nature, but some are used to build a reference database for future requests. Requests include person making request (in the Ask Me database this link is deleted after 30 days), nature of request, library's response, and related information.
Retention: Ephemeral requests: retain until answered; other requests: retain until obsolete or superseded. (2000-0025/011)