Wood Village Boulevard extension in Wood Village and Fairview.

Multnomah County has completed a project to extend Wood Village Boulevard between NE Halsey St. and NE Arata Road on the boundary between the cities of Fairview and Wood Village. The project was completed in November 2014.  A dirt field was developed into a new two-lane road with sidewalks and street lights on both sides. The extended road links the Wood Village town center with NE Halsey Street.  The project was constructed by private contractors Dirt & Aggregate Interchange, Lakeside Industries, Grow Construction, and Multnomah County’s Road Services Division.  Multnomah County staff designed the project, which was part of the East Metro Connections Plan

Wood Village Boulevard is a Multnomah County road. The cities of Fairview and Wood Village were project partners with Multnomah County