Two cars can carefully pass, but a car and a truck or two trucks won't fit under the crossing at the same time.

Multnomah County has replaced the Union Pacific railroad bridge over NE 223rd Ave. in Fairview, and widened NE 223rd between NE Sandy Blvd. and Bridge Street.

This section of NE 223rd was so narrow that two trucks could not cross under the bridge at the same time.  NE 223rd also lacked sidewalks, bike lanes and shoulders.

The area is developing rapidly, with use of Blue Lake Park to the north increasing.  Development of industrial, warehouse and commercial properties along NE Sandy Blvd just east of NE 223rd is also expanding.

The project had been planned for 20 years. The east Multnomah County cities of Fairview, Gresham, Troutdale, and Wood Village all supported the project.  This section of NE 223rd Ave. is owned and maintained by Multnomah County.

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