April 23, 2021


A number of traffic control changes have been made since 238th Drive closed for construction on April 1. Additional signs have been installed and lanes closed to reduce cut through traffic on side streets. Whenever a major road like 238th Drive is closed, we often see issues with cut through traffic until drivers get used to the new traffic pattern. We thank neighbors for their patience and suggestions as we make adjustments. 

More traffic control changes are planned in the next week at the north end of the project to encourage through traffic to detour onto Halsey Street, not side streets.  238th Drive is closed to through traffic from Arata Road to Oregon Street.

The contractor will build a temporary path through the work zone for pedestrians on the east side of 238th Drive that is expected to open in early May.

Cleared area where NE 238th Drive will be widened to the east.

Recent Work

  • Vegetation: Trees on the east side of 238th Drive have been removed in the area where the road will be widened and a retaining wall will be built.  More erosion control measures are being installed this week.

  • Utilities: Street light poles are being removed before demolition of the east sidewalk. The project will install new street lights on 238th Drive.

  • Oregon St. Intersection: Demolition work has begun at this intersection on the west side of 238th Drive near the top of the hill.  The project will build a sidewalk from Oregon Street to Holladay Street with ADA ramps at corners. 

  • Stormwater: A subcontractor is installing a pipe at the top of the hill to carry stormwater to a detention pond where it will be treated.  Further down the hill, the project will construct underground vaults for stormwater and pipes that will lead to water treatment planters. 

Upcoming Work
Demolition  work at NE 238th Drive and Oregon St where ADA ramps and new sidewalk will be built.
Demolition work at NE 238th Drive and Oregon St where ADA ramps and new sidewalk will be built.

  • Asphalt Removal: Removal of asphalt on the section of 238th Drive that will be rebuilt starts the week of April 26.

  • Building the New Road: Placement of aggregate base for the rebuilt section of 238th Drive will begin late next week.

  • ADA Ramps: Construction of ADA ramps begins next week at the south end of the project, near McDonald’s.

Support Local Businesses

Please continue to support local businesses near the project during construction.  Access is provided to all businesses.  Watch for blue and white “Business Access” signs that mark access points.

Project Website: For project information, sign-ups for updates, or to contact the project team visit: multco.us/238th.