March 9, 2023

Traffic Impacts 

  • E. Larch Mountain Road from milepost 7 to 14 will close spring 2023
  • The road will remain closed through the fall and winter for its regularly scheduled snow closure and reopen spring 2024 
  • The parking area at the top of the mountain will be closed during construction.
  • Residential areas before milepost 7 will not be affected by the closures. Access will be maintained above milepost 7 for emergency services.


The $5.1 million project will pave and repair E. Larch Mountain Road between milepost 7 and 14, starting east of S.E. Red Elder Drive. A contractor will also replace old guardrails and restripe the road. The closure will be in place until the typical time in the fall that Multnomah County has to close the road for the winter season. The final construction schedule will depend on the weather.

Hiking Trail Access 

While no U.S. Forest Service trails will be closed, the E. Larch Mountain Road closure will impact access to the following trails: 

  • Sherrard Point Trail #443
  • Oneonta Trail #424
  • Larch Mountain Trail #441
  • Multnomah Spur Trail #446
  • Multnomah Creek Way Trail #444

Hikers can still access trails by heading up the Larch Mountain Trail or the Oneonta Trail from their trailheads along the Historic Columbia River Highway and connecting to the other trails on the list.   

**Reminder: the U.S. Forest Service says Bell Creek Trail #459 and Horsetail Creek Trail #425 both remain closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire.

For questions about trail access, contact: 

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area 

Phone: (541) 308-1700


For questions related to the road closure and project, contact: 

Multnomah County Transportation Public Information Officer, Sarah Hurwitz: 

To sign up for project updates visit: /roads/webform/larch-mountain-road-paving-and-repair