October 12, 2018
Base paving on south side of Sandy Blvd., 10-09-2018.

Traffic Control

  • There were lane closures with flaggers the week of Oct. 8 during paving. Lane closures will continue on paving days in the next week.

Recent Work

  • The contractor graded and compacted soil before building forms and pouring concrete for most of the south sidewalk and driveways. The driveways will be covered by steel plates for seven days while the concrete cures.

Next Week

  • Paving the top lift of asphalt on the south side of Sandy Blvd. was delayed due to a natural gas pipeline explosion this week in Canada, which has delayed asphalt deliveries. Paving may take place October 15, 16 and 17.
  • The project team is working on a design for a section of thin pavement discovered near the Walmart store.
  • Final pavement striping will take place following the top lift of asphalt.
  • The contractor will then finish grading to the back of sidewalks, seed and mulch areas with bare earth, place permanent signs and complete installation of street lights.

Project Website: www.multco.us/sandy

Newly poured sidewalk on south side of Sandy Blvd.
Newly paved south side of Sandy Blvd and forms for new sidewalk.