Permits are processed in the order in which they are received. They usually take about three weeks. The more complete the application, the quicker the permit will be processed.

    Permit Applications

    Right-of-Way Permit - General
    For access (residential, commercial, agricultural or temporary construction);construction or reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs or curb drain outlets; and miscellaneous uses of public right-of-way.

    Utility Permit
    For utility work only in County right of way (electric, gas, sewer, water, communication, CATV, etc.)

    Special Event Permit for County Roads
    Athletic event, march, parade or other organized event requiring the use of a County road

    Film/Video Permit
    Approval for film, video or photo shoot on a County road

    Special Event Permit for County Bridges
    Athletic event, march, parade or other organized event or filming requiring the use of a County-maintained Willamette River Bridge. You may also review the Bridge Special Events Ordinance.

    Overdimensional permits are issued by ODOT.

    Supplemental Permit Documents

    Sample Certificate of Liability (1.14 MB)

    Right-of-way Bond (23.71 KB)

    Permit Fees

    We collect user fees and/or deposits for permit requests to pay for staff time to review your plans, issue a permit, and inspect work done in our right-of-way. This ensures that the safety and performance of our County transportation system is maintained.

    Fees will be calculated when your permit application is submitted, and you may find and pay your invoice through our permit portal. Contact us at or 503.988.3582 if you have any questions about making payments.
    Fees for common permit requests include:

    Application Type Fee
    Construction or reconstruction of driveway approaches $300
    Material filling or excavating within the public right-of-way $250
    Sidewalk and/or curb construction or reconstruction $200
    Special Event or Film/Video Permit application (additional deposit may be required) $200
    Temporary closure of any street or any portion of a street $300

    See our full fee schedule for more details or contact us with questions. Per ORS 758.010, Multnomah County does not charge fees for water, gas, electric, or communication service lines. However a permit is still required.

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